The Best Place to Buy Home Improvement Tools Online

It is true that you can buy many of the tools and supplies for home improvement projects on, but there are also lots of other places to shop. For example, some people like going to a store in person so they can get advice from staff who have experience with the products. Others want only brands they know and trust, so they order them online from a company with a brick-and-mortar location near their home or workplace. Still, others prefer convenience over price by ordering all their materials at once from an online retailer with free shipping both ways.

In this article, we will explore your options for buying home improvement tools online from various retailers, including how much each one charges for its services and what it offers in return. We will also compare their prices to find the best bargains.


shop home improvement tools on tiki

The first place we will look at is because it offers more than just home improvement tools and supplies, including building materials such as lumber and concrete. If you want to order any of these items from the world’s largest online retailer, be prepared for a huge selection but also high prices—in most cases, higher than those of the other retailers.

For example, you can buy a chainsaw for VND469,000 ($21.23) at and only VND69,000 ($0.31) at—a savings of more than 80 percent! And while both websites offer them as well as many other brands,’s prices can be even more expensive when you compare them to those of small online retailers such as Deawoo and Nguyen Kim (which sells its products through the website LumberPremium).

Another way in which falls short is by not offering any free shipping within Vietnam for most of its products. This means you have to spend at least VND699,000 ($31) if you want your home improvement supplies delivered for free. Even then, the minimum order is only 20 items and they must be from separate categories—so it’s not practical for most people.

If neither of these issues concerns you, is a good place to buy certain items, including tools for electrical work like an electric drill and extension cord. It also has the widest selection of brands you’re likely to find on any website—more than 400 all told, including every single one mentioned in this article except Nguyen Kim LumberCo., which sells only through its own website.

Tiki is also the only site to offer discount coupons (check out their daily coupon list here:, although they will not apply to items already on sale at a lower price or those you’ve marked as your favorite. You can find these offers by going to Tiki’s homepage and scrolling down until you see “Reduce prices now!”


The next site we will look at is, which offers a wide variety of tools and supplies for different types of projects—more than but fewer than It also has the lowest prices for most items in its inventory, even lower than those on Deawoo’s website. For example, you can buy a chainsaw from LumberPremium for only VND69,000 ($0.31) and free delivery when your order is at least VND699,000 ($30).

As with—and all other websites we have discussed thus far—LumberPremium does not apply its discounts to items that are already on sale. However, its coupons will apply to most products for the first time you use them. In addition, it offers a “favorite” function which allows you to track your favorite items and receive notifications if they fall in price or go out of stock.

One drawback is that LumberPremium has few tools for electrical work, so if you need something like an extension cord or drill , your best bet is


lazada home improvement

Finally, there’s—the world’s largest online retailer and a great place to buy home improvement supplies. It offers the lowest prices on most of its products (not quite as low as LumberPremium’s prices but close) and free shipping within Vietnam on orders of at least VND599,000 ($26).

One drawback is that Lazada does not have a “favorite” function (and since it has the most products to choose from, you may find this frustrating if you want to track a particular item). Another is that it does not have coupons or discounts for the first time you use them.

But there is one significant advantage over all of these other websites: Lazada has more than 300 tools for electrical work, including an extension cord and a chainsaw. It also offers adapters and cable ties—two items which are much harder to find on the other websites.

And many of these items, like its chainsaws and drills, are available in different colors than their Tiki equivalents (the only site which offers this service). This can be useful if you want to add a splash of color to your home or garden—or just don’t like the drab brown that Tiki has on offer.

Wrap Up!

With these factors in mind, Lazada is the best place to buy home improvement tools online if you are looking for electrical supplies and/or want a variety of colors to choose from. However, it also has many more products than its competitors do—so your order may take longer to arrive when everything ships separately.

Deciding on a DIY Solar Water Heater to Save Electricity

make a diy solar water heater

Are you aware that the Sun generates at least half of our renewable energy?” In fact, we are able to tap this energy and use it for heating the water at our home.

This not only saves energy or power bills but also controls global warming. Homeowners may install a DIY solar water heater at their home. It has become a tough time for all these house owners who have been worried on the alarming rise of energy rates and the enormous demand for energy which the power companies are facing difficulty in meeting the expectations. Let us look into some solutions that will save the planet, save our money and save our energy.

A different approach needs to be adapted for solving this problem. Looking at such situation – lots of energy saving guides flooded the market with numerous ideas on how to save energy or build an energy saving generator at home. One of such guide that has become a hit and been followed by thousands of people is the DIY solar water heater guide. Yes, this may be the one that we are all looking for. It mentions the way to heat the water without the need of using electricity.

The DIY solar hot water heater simply absorbs the energy from the sunlight that is free to use. This energy is converted to electrical energy that is used for the heating purposes. In earlier days the same concept of heating water was used but with a different approach. The water was getting the heat from the warmth of the sun.

Today, with latest technologies and advanced inventions, the DIY solar water heater guide is known to be the economical way to generate the power to heat the solar heaters installed at your home. The parts for making the heater is easily available and all the materials cost less that 100$. So you are ready to get the hot water heaters with a one time investment that will give life time savings. The energy from the DIY solar water heater is non pollutant as no gases are evolved. This makes it a system that goes green and controls the global warming.

An Useful Tool to Use During Home Improvement

It is quite common that for various reasons people tend to improve their home and for such improvement, different kinds of tools will be needed. The need for the different type of tools varies according to the type of improvement done. One of the tools that must be used in the home improvement is stud finder. The stud is nothing but a frame structure in the wall for support or in the ceiling that can be used for hanging or suspending items that can be decorative or important for your home. Find the best stud detector online as there are different models with reviews.

When it comes to home improvement most of the people tend to decorate the home or they would do improvements that are essential to do. In such cases finding the stud is very important so that that can finish the work as soon as possible and they don’t need to work more if the find the stud. For hanging the artwork, photo frame, chandelier, or to fix anything on the wall or ceiling you have to find stud and for that the stud finder is the best tool.

Find and Evaluate the Stud

The stud finder will not only identify the stud but also it will evaluate and ensure whether the stud is strong in the wall or ceiling. This ensures that the artwork or the chandelier you use hangs well without falling down making damage. The fall of Chandelier from the ceiling will break the head and also make serious injuries to the person on whom it falls. So to avoid such accidents you have to ensure that the stud has been fixed well. Get to know various stud finder from different brands so that it will be easy to choose the best model.

Find the Stud Easily

During the home improvement time, you ought to find the stud in the ceiling or wall so that you can hang the things you use to improve the home or the things that you use as essential for home improvement. When it comes to hanging an item like Chandelier or an artwork you have to ensure that the stud is fixed well so that the item you hang using the stud will not fall on the floor. The stud finder will be the best tool for every person who is into home improvement.

How Does a Stud Finder Work?

How to Use Stud Finder

Stud finder is the best tool that finds and evaluates the condition of the stud. According to the model you choose, you can find the stud when the light in the stud finder flashes or it will make a sound. You will get a beep sound from the stud finder if the stud is detected and in other models, you can see the light flashing from the stud finder. Before finding the studs you have to remove the photo frames, paintings or any other items so that you can find the stud without any problem. Use the stud finder against the wall by pressing the button and you have to press and hold the button till you get beep sound or flashlight.