Essential Tips on Installing Horizontal Bars

Horizontal bar is the apparatus used by the gymnasts. They are generally made up of metal often steel is used. The male gymnasts mainly use them. The elements on the horizontal bars are regulated by different points of code. They are also called as high bars

Dimensions of Horizontal Bars

Horizontal bars have got fixed dimensions published by FIG. the height should be 275 cm including landing mat of 20cm, the length should be of 240cm and the diameter should be 28mm.

Purchasing of Horizontal Bars

The horizontal bars generally cost around $1000. They are delivered to home within 2-3 weeks after placement of the order. The product should be properly checked before purchasing, as the metal used should be of greater strength as to hold the weight of a person. The dimensions of the bar should be checked as due to variance the performance of the gymnast may go down.

Types of Horizontal Bars available

There are many types of horizontal bars available in the market. The most advanced one being the Free Standing 48″ horizontal bar, then there is Junior Swing Bar designed especially for the children below 39kgs, Pre-school Training Bar which is the highest selling bar made up of heavy duty tubular steel, Intermediate Horizontal Bars these are mainly used for elementary gymnastics.

Placement of the horizontal Bar

The horizontal bars should be selected according to where it will be placed. If it is for the household purpose then a person should go for pre-school or intermediate horizontal bar, which is more mobile in their placement and thus occupies lesser space. Generally, it should be placed in a spacious area may be the backyard or the gymnasium so that the exercise could be done unhindered. If the horizontal bar is to be installed for the purpose of professional sport then a person should opt for more advanced freestanding 48″ bar or freestanding 60″ bar, they should be placed in the gymnasium in their specific place. Even the ground fixed bars can also be used but should be made sure of their non-motility.

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